Why VIP Personal Protection Is So Important in NYC

Because New York City is a premier destination for high-powered CEOs and famous celebrities, personal protection is more important here than in many other places around the world. NYC is home to many prominent domestic and international corporations and also home to powerful and famous people from many different sectors and industries.

These are some of the many examples of why personal protection in NYC is so necessary.

Personal Protection for CEOs

Being a high-powered CEO might sound like a dream job, but these positions often come with a heightened security risk. Unfortunately, CEOs are often easy targets for competitors, protestors, and disgruntled ex-employees. These are some of the many reasons to hire personal protection for business executives when you are in New York.

Security for Meetings

Business leaders often live life from one meeting to the next, and many of those meetings take place in the towering high-rises of NYC. By scoping out conference spaces and common areas before important meetings, our bodyguards help executives be more productive and efficient. During meetings, security professionals can guard entry and exit points and also ensure that products and documents are properly secured.

Security During Labor Disputes

When business is going well, everybody loves the CEO. But when profits and privileges begin to fall, CEOs are often the first ones to blame. Bodyguards for CEOs are especially useful during labor disputes when tensions and tempers are high. At certain times, it may be necessary to enlist the help of 24/7 protection to keep CEOs safe at home, at work, and in transit.

Security for Business Trips

CEOs are often required to travel for business, and some destinations are generally safer than others. Our security specialists can keep a close watch for potential attackers and drive executives to and from their business and leisure spots while traveling.

Bodyguards for Celebrities

It’s no secret that New York is a top destination for the rich and famous to live, work, and play. Celebrities who have found fame and fortune through acting, writing, sports, politics, music, and many other industries call New York home. There is a tremendous need for personal protection for celebrities in NYC because of the city’s fascinating and diverse population.

Security for Special Events

Whether it a concert, book signing, film screening, or red carpet gala, there’s always a big event going on in New York City. Special events are especially risky for celebrities who can come face-to-face with obsessive fans, stalkers, and adversaries. Our special event security teams identify potential threats in performance spaces and awards ceremonies to allow celebrities to enjoy their events and connect with their fans.

Paparazzi Protection

The public loves to know what celebrities are doing at all times, which has spawned the growth of the paparazzi and tabloid coverage. Our celebrity bodyguards are trained at keeping celebrities safe from aggressive cameramen and relentless tabloid reporters. Especially when serving the needs of prominent A-listers, security discretion is crucial to maintain the image and unique needs of celebrities in the public eye.

Protection for Daily Life

However, celebrities are also just regular people who want to run errands, walk their dogs, and go out to lunch in peace. Our VIP security services NYC specializes in escorting celebrities to meetings, shopping excursions, meals, work, and everyday activities. This helps celebrities maintain a sense and balance and control in their lives and avoid embarrassing outbursts and PR nightmares.

At Citadel, we offer personal protection services for many different purposes. Whether you need to protect a CEO, a celebrity, or anyone facing an increased security risk, we are your local protection experts in New York City. Your safety is our #1 priority, and we are equipped to handle any and all risks to help you do your job and live life to the fullest.

How to Stay Safe at Big Gatherings & Events

In today’s modern world, security in crowds has never been more important. From devastating tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 to the Paris terrorist attack at a concert in 2015, mass gatherings have become easy targets for danger violence. Now is the time to take security matters into our own hands and for each individual to become more aware, reactive, and responsive to potentially dangerous situations in crowds.

The Risks of Large Crowds

It can be incredibly fun to be a part of a big crowd and soak up the celebratory energy that surrounds you. Large gatherings regularly take place for sporting events, concerts, political speeches, activist rallies, graduation ceremonies, and religious holidays.

However, there are a number of high risks also associated with being part of a crowd. Here are some examples:

  • Stampedes
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Inadequate emergency exit routes
  • Use of weapons and bombs

How To Be Prepared for Crowds

You might not think that there is much you can personally do to counteract the energy of a crowd. But just remember that every action starts with an individual, and you can be the one to influence positive change.

These are some personal actions you can take in the midst of a crowd to prepare yourself for situations that may arise:

  • Learn about how the event will run before you attend it
  • Check the weather report before you attend an event
  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all time
  • Attend events with other people and pick a meeting point in case of emergency
  • Pack your patience for events with crowds and always keep your cool
  • Bring hand sanitizer, water, snacks, and any medications you rely on
  • Limit your alcohol intake to stay focused and aware
  • Secure your belongings to prevent pick-pocketing

Look Out for Suspicious Activity

It can be difficult to identify suspicious behavior in crowds that are pushing, shoving, and exhibiting rowdy behavior. However, large crowds do tend to attract troublemakers, so keep an eye out for anything that looks out of the ordinary. Keep your belongings close to you at all times and report anything that seems suspicious to the security staff or on-site authorities.

These are some types of suspicious behaviors to look out for:

  • Surveillance-like behaviors
  • Unnecessary use of binoculars
  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Strong, unexplained odors
  • Someone unusually overdressed for the weather
  • Someone spending time in a restricted or authorized area

Special Events Security Measures

Large and highly publicized events, such as NYC Fashion Week, require special events security measures that go beyond standing guard and regular patrol. Security services in NYC and other major cities around the world are required for loading in and out personnel, traffic logistics, escorting talent, and 24/7 guard patrol. Whether you’re organizing a fundraising dinner, film premier, yoga in the park event, or something entirely different, it’s important to work with an experienced security company you can trust to move the event along smoothly from start to finish.

Increased Terrorism Risks Forces NYC Security Agencies on High Alert

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Special Event Security Services for Holiday Crowd Control

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What Constitutes the Best Security Services in NYC

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