Security guard services in New York

Whether a large event is taking place or a company just needs to protect and secure its facility, New York security guards are necessary. Security cameras installations and placements are fine for monitoring the grounds and for liability purposes, but the equipment just doesn’t provided the necessary security New York security guards are able to provide. These individuals are trained to maintain ordinance in the area, so whether a product launch is taking place or important goods are produced behind closed doors in a warehouse, the help and assistance of Citadel and the trained security staff is a valuable addition to any company team.

Security guard services by Citadel Security

Citadel security teams are able to help perform a variety of tasks, outside of simply monitoring and ensuring a peaceful event. These professional security yards help acquire permits, direct traffic and even insure on-site medical attention. Both armed and unarmed security guards, drivers and escorts are all available, depending on a company’s needs. Some locations don’t need armed guards, such as schools and other local institutions, as it is important to just monitor those entering the facility. However, for more secure situations, an armed individual is necessary. No matter what a client may need, Citadel security is able to provide this.

All escorts and armed professionals are retired New York City and other law enforcement officers, all of whom are trained in personal protection. This is unlike many other security guard providers in the area who just take anyone off the street who applies for the job. Citadel isn’t interested in hiring cheap staff who don’t care about the job and are only in it for a pay check. Citadel looks for the very best staff to ensure clients receive the very best services.

It is important for many businesses and facilities putting on events to have security yards and trained professionals on hand for their events and services. This is where Citadel is able to help out, as the armed and unarmed security guards are able to provide a variety of different tasks, including personal body guards and event security. No matter the event or the situation, the experienced staff from Citadel Security Agency is there to provide all the necessary security, so the client is able to rest assured and know the entire event and facility is all in safe, secure hands.