Private Security Services from Citadel Security Agency

In New York City, having security for events and parties, especially exclusive functions such as fashion shows, movie or TV functions, product launches, award shows or private banquets or dinners, can be especially important. Companies holding these types of events want to make sure that they work with NYC security guards who will provide services such as making sure the site is secure, monitoring who enters the premises and checking IDs and tickets as people come to the door.

Since 1981, Citadel Security Agency has provided private security for events in New York City. The company, which was started by a former NYPD detective and a police sergeant, works with fully-trained NYC security guards who are certified in the state of New York.
Citadel’s security guards use advanced certification verification processes to ensure that both guests and staff are supposed to be at the event and arrive at their proper locations. The company develops credentials for buildings and events for companies to prevent trespassing and stealing. The company’s highly skilled professionals do a range of security-related work, including keeping track of traffic logistics, getting permits for the events, working out security designs and serving as drivers and personal escorts for special guests. Event planners can focus on their duties while our NYC security guards handle the safety details in a professional and discrete manner.