Security for Houses of Worship in NYC

Safety shouldn’t be a concern for people attending worship services, which is why Citadel offers around-the-clock security for houses of worship in New York City. Whether you are part of a church, temple, synagogue or mosque, Citadel is prepared to ensure the safety of your attendees. Around the clock security will also prevent any theft or crimes that take place during off hours.

A house of worship should be safe from criminal activity, but it often takes a security presence to make this possible. Criminals simply do not respect the sanctity and peaceful nature of a religious house of worship.

All houses of worship can benefit from hiring Citadel’s security services. A thorough security evaluation will allow us to pinpoint vulnerabilities you may have overlooked. This gives us the opportunity to prevent specific crimes that your location is at risk for.

Contact Citadel Security Agency

Our guards are trained to provide professional service in each interaction. From pre-event evaluations and surveillance to front door meet and greets, we are qualified to handle your event. We perform solid risk assessments and focus on giving your congregation peace of mind during services. Call Citadel at (212) 509-5570 and set your religious community at ease with temple, synagogue, mosque, or church security in NY.