Security for After Parties

Our employees are all qualified and ready to make sure that your parties and after parties are fun and safe events. We have earned a reputation for offering quality NYC party security. Our staff members have the training and knowledge needed to keep you and your guests protected at all times.

Part of our job is to make sure that only invited guests attend your party and that party crashers don’t make it past the door. Another important aspect of security detail at after parties is preventing altercations and being able to respond to emergency situations. When crowds and alcohol mix, it can often result in chaos and sometimes violence. Our guards actively work to prevent any kind of altercation, but are also trained in peacefully breaking up any kind of disruption that can occur in party situations.

Citadel Security Agency

When you hire Citadel Security, we make it our priority to not only ensure your attendees’ safety, but also make sure the event runs smoothly. We have been providing security services to the greater New York area for over 30 years. We hire qualified and experienced security guards. Contact Citadel Security, one of the leading private security companies in New York, for after party security at (212) 509-5570.