Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

Whether a large event is taking place or a company needs to protect and secure its facility, New York security guards are necessary. Security cameras installations and placements are fine for monitoring the grounds and for liability purposes, but the equipment doesn’t provide the necessary security that security guards are able to provide. These individuals are trained to maintain ordinance in the area, so whether a product launch is taking place or important goods are produced behind closed doors in a warehouse, the help and assistance of Citadel’s trained security staff is a valuable addition to any company team.

Certain jobs call for armed security service, while others situations are better handled with unarmed security services. At Citadel, we can you decide which type of security service best suits your needs.

How Security Guards Can Help

Citadel security teams are able to help perform a variety of tasks, beyond simply monitoring and ensuring order and a peaceful event. Our professional security guards help acquire permits, direct traffic, and even arrange on-site medical attention. Both armed and unarmed security guards, drivers, and escorts are all available, depending on a company’s needs. But no matter what a client may need, Citadel security is able to provide the right professional for the job.

Unarmed Security Services in NYC

Some locations may not necessarily need armed guards, such as schools and other local institutions, as it is just as important to simply monitor those entering the facilities. By having an authority figure onsite, it is possible to deter illicit or unwanted activities without unnecessary risk, intimidation, or liability. For example, unarmed security services are often used to deter activities like loitering, vandalism, shoplifting, and trespassing. Settings that can often be handled by unarmed security guards include department stores, sports venues, and public plazas. In general, it is more common for businesses to have unarmed guards than armed ones.

Also, people are more likely to see an unarmed guard as a friendlier and more approachable authority figure that can provide assistance and protection. In this way, unarmed security guards may be an advantageous solution in low-risk retail stores and residential buildings. Although these guards do not carry firearms, they are in great physical shape and trained in a wide variety of defense techniques.

Armed Security Guards in NYC

However, for more secure situations, an armed individual is necessary. Businesses and properties that are targets for violence or theft may want armed security service to protect themselves. This includes buildings that are subject to terrorist attacks, as well as facilities with a low security presence that are particularly vulnerable. Armed guards are also useful in neighborhoods where theft and burglary are common problems. Examples of businesses that commonly hire armed security services include jewelry stores, rare antique shops, high-end art galleries, and financial institutions.

Armed security guards provide a more formidable presence, and they have the authority and experience to use force if necessary. Not only are armed security guards trained to use firearms, but they also have the right temperament and good judgment to know when and how to use them. Especially when the use of weapons is a possibility, it is important to work with trusted security service companies, like Citadel, to ensure that the highest level professionalism is conducted.

Choosing the Right Type of Security for the Job

There are many different factors to consider when making a choice between hiring an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard. First, ask yourself what your primary goal of providing security is. If you are concerned about potential attacks and the safety of your guests, then perhaps an armed guard is your best option. Armed guards provide a high level of quality and proactive security.

But in certain settings, people may be unnecessarily intimidated by the presence of an armed guard. So, you will want to consider the type of message that you want to send workers, customers, or just people passing by. Building owners and managers who hire armed security guards, may also be opening themselves up to potential liability if an incident occurs.

Another consideration is how much room you have in your budget for professional security services. Due to the nature of the work, it may cost more to hire an armed guard than an unarmed guard. This is because the level of training and experience of armed guards is higher, as well as the insurance and licensing requirements. But while unarmed guards are typically a more affordable option, do not let cost alone sway your decision to leave your property or event under-protected. The potential losses of operating an unsecured facility far outweigh the proactive investment of high-quality security guards.

The Citadel Difference

All of Citadel’s escorts and armed professionals are retired New York City and other law enforcement officers, all of whom are trained in personal protection. This is unlike many other security guard providers in the area who just take anyone off the street who applies for the job. Citadel isn’t interested in hiring cheap staff who don’t care about the job and are only in it for the paycheck. Citadel looks for the very best staff to ensure clients receive the very best services.

It is important for many businesses and facilities putting on events to have security guards and trained professionals on hand for their events and services. This is where Citadel is able to help out, as our armed and unarmed security guards provide a variety of different tasks, including personal bodyguard services and event security. No matter the event or the situation, the experienced staff from Citadel Security Agency is there to provide all the necessary security, so you can rest assured and know your event and facility are in safe and secure hands. Contact citadel today.