Security for NYC Awards Shows

Citadel Security staff is trained to spot threats and can ensure that your awards show event in NYC proceeds smoothly. Our security guards can be dressed in uniforms or dressed to blend in with a crowd. If you are a celebrity with a lot of fans, we are not only responsible for identifying threats, but for making sure the crowds do not get too close or out of hand. All of our staff are trained in crowd management and have experience in preventing confrontations before they occur.

Citadel Security Agency has a reputation for providing professional security services and has guarded celebrities, executives, and other individuals in the past. Our employees are well qualified and have the training, skills, and knowledge needed to make sure that you have a fun and safe event regardless of the number of attendees.

Citadel Security Agency is one of the leading private security companies in New York. We stand by our values of discretion and professionalism and with our background and experience, you can rest assured that you and your guests will be safe. Your awards show night should be special and free of worries and with our dependable security services, you can focus on the event itself.