Security for Product Launches

If you are launching a new product that’s generating a lot of buzz, you may want to consider hiring a security agency for your product launch event. Customers can be enthusiastic and impatient when it comes to acquiring a product they have a lot of interest in. While it’s great that an item is creating such a large demand before it’s even launched,  a large and eager crowd can lead to accidents. Security guards can not only help in managing large crowds, but can also help prevent theft and vandalism prior to and during your New York Product Launch Event.

Contact a qualified New York Security Company

Citadel Security has faithfully served the New York City area for more than 30 years and has worked major events such as NYC Fashion Week and New York Comic Con. We specialize in a variety of security services from crowd management services and door security to personal escorts and VIP bodyguards. With recent trends favoring the “pop-up” event, our team of ex-law enforcement members and other highly-experienced professionals can help you pull off a successful product launch whenever and wherever it may be.

Even though major pop-up events can come and go with very little notice, people will find their way to them to get a peek at the newest and hottest products on the market–and things can get out of hand very quickly. With Citadel personnel on guard, we guarantee that even the most anticipated product launches will go smoothly.

Whether you require crowd management services or personal bodyguards for your next event, you can count on Citadel to provide the protection you’d expect from a reputable business with a long history of successfully completed jobs.