Layoffs and firings are stressful in any business setting, and worrying about retaliation and threats should not be something that you or your employees have to deal with. From family business restructurings to partner disputes and firings, companies require reliable and high-quality corporate security services for their offices, private homes, and employees.

What Corporate Security Guards Do

Corporate security guards work in a variety of business and office settings to maintain surveillance of the area and protect business assets. It is necessary for guards who work for a corporate security company to have a clean background, basic educational requirements, and additional requirements if firearms are to be carried on the job. Private companies hire corporate security guards to protect physical property and work in office buildings, banks, retail stores, and entertainment venues.

When Corporate Security Guards Are Needed

Even if you don’t typically run a high-risk business, there are many instances in which a corporate security company can be beneficial and provide peace of mind.


Layoffs can be necessary due to changes in a business, budget shortfalls, or a shift in direction. Employees who are laid off may be disgruntled and wish to retaliate upon their employers due to losing their jobs. Corporate security guards can help control this threat.


Hiring and firing is a natural part of business, but some employees don’t take getting fired lightly. Not only are newly fired employees at a higher risk of retaliating against their bosses, but also for taking their anger out on innocent coworkers and maintenance crews. A Citadel security officer will maintain a strong presence at your company to ensure that fired employees promptly leave and stay off the premises without incident.


Businesses sometimes need to be restructured to accommodate new staffing needs, technological developments, or successes and failures. Some employees, contractors, or clients may be disadvantaged due to a company restructuring and present serious safety concerns for you and your existing staff. Contact Citadel prior to the announcement of your business restructuring to take necessary safety precautions before everyone hears the news.

Partner Disputes

No business partnership is without its fair share of disputes and disagreements, but some disputes can get out of hand and even violent. Citadel will be there for you throughout your worst partner disputes to ensure that conflicts are handled in a safe and non-threatening manner.

How Citadel Helps with Corporate Security Needs

Citadel has extensive experience in providing corporate security to a wide range of businesses in the New York City area. We will work with your legal team and the appropriate local law enforcement authorities to make sure that your business is safe and secure at all times. When you need security for layoffs, firings, or restructuring, turn to Citadel for the peace of mind you seek.

To learn more about how Citadel’s corporate security guards can make your workplace safer, contact us at 212-509-5570. We’ve been keeping New York City safe since 1981 and have built a reputation as the go-to provider for all types of corporate security services. Your office should be a place for productivity, innovation, and collaboration, not somewhere that harbors fear and violence. With Citadel as your trusted corporate security company, you can enjoy peace of mind that you, your staff, and your clients can conduct business in the most efficient and safest way possible.