Implementing ample safety measures provided by respectable NYC security guard companies could have potentially thwarted a concert turned chaotic a few weeks ago. Despite having their evening ruined by a small riot, several police officers and ticketed concert-goers remained philosophical about the notion that the Summer Jam concert ended with several ticketed concert-goers not being allowed to enter the stadium.
Yet for the average person, hearing about armored vehicles being deployed and metal fences being ripped down while bottles were thrown at police officers that were deployed to keep things calm probably caused them to realize that the problem may have been how security was organized for the event.

Without Sufficient NYC Security Guard Companies Securing the Grounds; Chaos Broke Out

Apparently the problems started when a group of people that did not have tickets tried to break into the venue. Because security was deployed inside the stadium to ensure safety, it ended up being the case that police were dispatched and deployed to the entrance in order to ensure that no further disruptions were encountered. The crowd grew anxious as they tried to push and shove through the concert entrance causing concert organizers to “shut the door down” and not allowing any more people, including ticket holders to get inside of the venue.

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Adequate security is not just a concern at places like concerts; social clubs and corporate offices can also be inadequately secured. Recently, a tragic rape occurred in a NYC local bar restroom because the security strategy did not account for the fact that the bathrooms in the club were in the basement, one floor below the actual club. This made it somewhat easier for someone intent on attacking bar patrons to lurk around without being noticed and eventually attack a club patron.

Citadel Security Agency, One of the Finest NYC Security Guard Companies

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