How to Stay Safe at Big Gatherings & Events

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In today’s modern world, security in crowds has never been more important. From devastating tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 to the Paris terrorist attack at a concert in 2015, mass gatherings have become easy targets for danger violence. Now is the time to take security matters into our own hands and for each individual to become more aware, reactive, and responsive to potentially dangerous situations in crowds.

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Increased Terrorism Risks Forces NYC Security Agencies on High Alert

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Terror attacks are a frightening potential reality for everyone. Incidents like the San Bernardino attack and the devastation in Paris in November have highlighted the need for everyone to be on alert to help prevent future incidents. There are no communities that can afford to ignore the risk because they believe nothing will happen in their locales. Residents of major metropolitan areas, like NYC, must be even more vigilant. All business owners, church, and place of worship officials and event organizers must be prepared and have a proactive approach to security protocol because it is their responsibility to keep their customers, citizens and employees safe. Continue Reading »

Special Event Security Services for Holiday Crowd Control

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The center for holiday celebrations in the United States just might be in New York City. Travelers and tourists come from all across the country and all around the world just to watch the tree lighting ceremonies and to experience the city in the heart of winter. It’s not surprising to see thousands of people packed into Times Square on some weekends, but hundreds of locals may head to other locations around the city for smaller events. Hiring the right security professionals is the key to surviving the holidays in New York City especially in light of the tragic events that transpired in Paris last Friday. Continue Reading »

What Constitutes the Best Security Services in NYC

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Whether you are responsible for planning a graduation ceremony, a charitable fundraising event, a huge corporate gala or something else, one of your many tasks will be recruiting the best security service in New York City. While there are many security firms to choose from in the New York City area, you understandably need to find the best security services for your event. By focusing on a few important points, you will be able to narrow down the options and make the best decision possible.

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Pope Francis’ New York Visit Reminds Local Businesses About Homeless Security Issues

Underscoring Pope Francis’s visit to New York on September 25, his motorcade through Central Park and mass celebration at The Madison Square Garden Events facility are the city’s proactive measures to clear the area of the seating pods on West 32nd Street. This public area has been used by the homeless to set up campsites and engage in sometimes criminal activities including damage to private and public property, aggressive pan handling, business obstructions and other harassment against area residents and businesses as well as blocking sidewalks, violence and drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading »