How to Handle Dangerous Individuals at your NYC Event

A summer event in New York can be an amazing experience for you and your guests. However, there can be troublemakers and dangerous individuals who come to the event as well. Handling these individuals can be challenge, but the work is very important to keep people safe and the event on schedule. A company that specializes in New York Special Event Security can ensure that troublesome individuals don’t mar your event.

How to Diffuse a Situation

When dealing with a potentially dangerous individual, there are a number of things to keep in mind about what security personnel can do in order to de-escalate the situation

  • One of the first things that can be done is to stay calm. It can be very easy to take personal insults and other words personally. It can be tough to stay calm when there is a sense of urgency to resolve the issue. That being said, it is vital that all personnel stay calm.
  • A calm security associate can make logical and wise choices as compared to someone who is upset and angry. A potentially dangerous individual will be looking to security personnel to see what they are doing. Calm personnel can help deescalate a situation.
  • Bystanders will feel better when they notice that security is calm as they facing an unruly person. In addition to this, try to figure out the cause of the problem. Perhaps the individual is unhappy about poor service at a certain vendor station.
  •  If security personnel are able to deduce what the problem is, they have a better chance of resolving the situation. Finally, be sure to keep a safe distance away from a potentially dangerous individual. There are many things that can happen in a fit of rage, and individuals who keep a distance away from an unruly person protect themselves and others.

Don’t Make a Bad Situation Worse

There are ways that personnel can deteriorate the situation. Here are some tips on how to avoid making a potentially dangerous situation escalate.

  •  One of the first ways is treating the unruly individual with disrespect. It is true that the individual is putting people into an unsafe situation, but he or she is also a person who deserves to be treated decently.
  •  A situation can get ugly when an individual recognizes that security personnel are treating him or her coarsely. In fact, a potentially dangerous person may be looking for an excuse to make a situation worse by hoping security personnel will do something foolish.
  • A situation can get worse when security personnel become obsessed with enforcing every little infraction an unruly personal makes. There are times that a minor violation needs to be overlooked for the safety of everyone as well as for the potentially dangerous individual.

How to Avoid Problems at Your Next Event

A number of complex problems and situations can occur at a summer event, it is important to be proactive to help prevent these issues. Citadel Security Agency has been providing New York Summer Event Security for over 30 years, providing a range of different services from security guards to large event security  for events such as New York Fashion Week. Citadels security personal are trained to ensure the event goes as planned. Contact Citadel Security Agency at 212.509.5570 to schedule an appointment to discuss your events security needs