Owning a business that is patronized by customers on a daily basis comes with responsibility for the safety of those customers. The New York City Health Department as well as building codes are strict. Getting a business license feels like jumping through hoops at a circus sometimes, but the mindset behind it is to keep people safe. Maybe there is no ordinance or code that could have protected the victim of a rape in a bathroom at a bar in Gramercy Park in April, but some common sense safety precautions may have prevented it.

With all of the major events that have hit New York, one would think that every business in the city would go out of its way to keep staff and patrons as safe as possible. Tourists from other states and from around the world already have the mindset that New York is not a safe place even though it is a great place to visit. Crime is not a stranger to any urban environment, but New York City is probably the most recognized city on the planet. Better security should be the standard operating procedure of every New York City business.


NYC Security Guard Companies to Deter Would-Be Rapists

Hiring a guard from a reputable NYC security guard companies most likely would have thwarted the rapist’s plans altogether. The bathroom at the bar where the rape occurred is reported to be downstairs and isolated from the rest of the bar. Surveillance footage of the suspect was shown by the media, but the footage was from a camera outside. A quality high-resolution security camera outside of the bathroom may have acted as a deterrent and would have definitely helped in identifying the rapist even if it did not deter him. Security guards at bars and clubs can be be present to observe and report suspicious activity. This is often sufficient to send criminals looking for easier targets.

New York City business owners know what it is like to operate on thin profit margins. This can get some businesses to cut corners. It is no secret that the cost of doing business in a major city is high. Leasing property, wages, taxes, fees, insurance and licensing is just the tip of the iceberg in business costs. None of that should get in the way of keeping customers safe. First, there is the human factor of simply doing the right thing in protecting fellow human beings from criminals as much as possible. If that is not enough of a motivation, then considering the potential for civil or criminal litigation should get all business owners to reevaluate the safety of their places of business.

Businesses, especially bars, can be shut down by the city for any number of reasons. Being forced to close the doors for a week could put some places out of business. Being sued could put even more places out of business. Even if the insurance covers the settlement, the rate hikes may put the business firmly in the red. Couple these instances with customers shying away from patronizing the business due to the negative media coverage and that could padlock the doors for good.

There are a lot of old buildings with odd lots in New York City that are being used for retail or bar/restaurant establishments. Criminals are like cockroaches and want to hide out of the light of scrutiny. Out-of-the-way bathrooms, smoking areas and other nooks and crannies common to these buildings from another era need to be monitored by some sort of active surveillance.

NYC Security Guard Companies: A Good Investment

Partnering with reputable NYC security guard companies for your bar/restaurant establishment is a good investment. This ensures that your establishment is safe for patrons. The Citadel Security Agency is one of the best NYC security guard companies around. Staffed with professional security personnel who have dubbed as NYPD before joining the agency, Citadel Security has partnered with several top-tier Fortune 500 companies. Contact us online or call us at (212) 509-5570 to see how we can help your business thrive.