Inadequate Security May Have Led To Bar Rape

Owning a business that is patronized by customers on a daily basis comes with responsibility for the safety of those customers. The New York City Health Department as well as building codes are strict. Getting a business license feels like jumping through hoops at a circus sometimes, but the mindset behind it is to keep people safe. Maybe there is no ordinance or code that could have protected the victim of a rape in a bathroom at a bar in Gramercy Park in April, but some common sense safety precautions may have prevented it. Continue Reading »

NYC Event Security Guard Companies for the City That Never Sleeps

During the first few months of 2015, New York City experienced crime increases not seen since the turbulent ’80s and early ’90s. While popular opinion has largely been persuaded that the city had since abandoned its infamously violent early days, new statistics indicate an increase in crime that rivals some of the citys’ worst years, highlighting a need for private security solutions that can help quell the trend.

By the end of February, the city clocked a marked increase in shootings and murders; there have already been 149 shootings recorded in 2015, a 20% increase over last year, and the murder rate has seen an equivalent rise. While the majority of violent events have occurred in only about five of the NYPD’s 77 precincts, residents and business owners have been taking notice of the renewed criminal presence on the streets and are looking to overwhelmed municipal services to turn things around. Continue Reading »

Lessons Learned from the Security Breach on the Brooklyn Bridge

All types of security services in New York City need to be on top of their game. The reality is that in NYC even the most seemingly secure locations, like the iconic Brooklyn Bridge can be targeted by individual’s intent on penetrating that security.

White Flags Fly on the Brooklyn Bridge Towers

Recently, a group of infiltrators slipped through security at the Brooklyn Bridge, managed to scale to the top of the towers on the structure and remove the prominently displayed American flags. In place of national standards, the people who managed to get through security, hoisted white flags.

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BASE Jumping Causing Security Concerns in NYC

All buildings require a certain amount of security, including protected windows and doors, alarm systems, security cameras and locking systems. In some instances, additional New York security guards may provide an extra layer of protection by assigning patrols to the building to prevent any suspicious activity.

While BASE jumping is not illegal per se, it is against the law to perform these jumps from many buildings and other structures in the United States. A BASE jumper has the potential to cause damage to property if he or she makes a bad jump. BASE jumpers in places such as New York City run the serious risk of landing on vehicles, other people and awnings. Because many BASE jumps from buildings occur at night to avoid detection, the risk is increased due to low visibility.

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NYC to Improve Security In Schools

New York City has been notorious for its high rate of crime, and sadly this crime finds its way into the school systems as well. It is hard to know exactly what to do in this situation of rising crime in the schools, but all can agree that something must be done. School violence is something that has only been getting worse in the last few years, and provisions must be made for not only the safety of the students but the safety of the faculty as well. Hiring professionally trained New York private security for your school or event would not only ease your mind but keep the venue and people safe.

Recently, schools have been trying to tackle the issue of school violence and the steps to resolving the problem at hand. Whereas security in the past wasn’t as big of an issue, security now is something that schools are not only willing to address but spend money on as well. Some schools are paying upwards of 200,000 dollars to secure the safety of faculty and students. These costs can go into building renovations such as bullet-proof glass, new cameras, and new locks. The costs can also amount for the salaries of security guards on the premises.

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