Drunk Driver Killed 2 People and Injured Many More at SXSW Event

Security at entertainment events is becoming more important than ever. The larger and better attended the event, the more likely an unforeseen incident is likely to occur. The two deaths at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas on March 13th of 2014 show how quickly a public entertainment event can become the site of mayhem and death. NY concert security services can help to contain problems and reduce injuries from unforeseen actions.

The SXSW Event

The drunken driver that caused the deaths of two festivalgoers and injured dozens of others who were leaving one of the concerts was stopped at a gas station earlier but fled before an officer could accomplish an arrest. The driver then went through barricades set up at the festival, killing a man and a woman. The 23 injured were taken to Brackenridge Emergency at University Medical Center for treatment. Police identified the suspect as Rashad Owens, aged 21, of Killeen, Texas.

Proper Security for Public Events

The deaths and injuries at the SWSW event show how important comprehensive security is at any public activities where large numbers of people are involved. Any event where alcohol is being served can turn into a hazardous incident at a moment’s notice. Actions by people outside the event can suddenly intrude on the well-organized activities creating hazards for attendees. A well-trained, experienced security team can minimize the consequences, helping to prevent large numbers of injuries and even deaths.

Ensuring Medical Help When Needed

Many concert security services do a good job of managing crowds and keeping unruly attendees in line. However, they may not provide the extra services that can make your concert event secure for all who participate. Citadel Security can provide trained emergency medical technicians to provide on the spot, immediate care for any injured parties at the event. These highly skilled technicians can also provide more extensive medical treatment when indicated. This extra coverage of contingencies can make your NY concert event safer and more secure.

Contact Citadel Security Agency

When choosing a security team for your event, you should consider not only the obvious problems that occur at any public gathering, but also the specific hazards that may be encountered at your particular venue. Vulnerabilities such as open streets, unguarded access points and variable crowd conditions should be considered. You should understand problems of structural hazards and demographic conflicts. In addition, you should prepare for injuries from falls, overindulgence in substances and crowd conflicts. Preparing for these eventualities will ensure that your event is the safest possible one for your attendees. If you are looking for top notch security services with on-site medical attention training for your next event, call Citadel Security Agency at (212) 509-5570.