Music Festival Tightens up Event Security in NYC

Concerts, festivals and events of other types can bring money to an area and result in some big benefits. These events often see people come in from across the country, and depending on the size of the festival, it may even bring in visitors from around the world. Here at Citadel Security Agency, we work with the sponsors of trade shows, musical events and festivals of various sizes every week. We understand the importance of having proper event security at your show and how that security can help your event go off without a hitch.

Woodstock 99

Those who think that festivals do not need a large amount of security should look no further than the events of Woodstock 99. Billed as the largest music festival of the decade, the event organizers hoped to take a page out of the original Woodstock playbook. It didn’t take long before disaster struck at the venue. During one of the musical performances, concert goers reacted poorly. They turned on each other, ripped down signs and vandalized various areas of the stages. Physical and sexual assaults were so common that the police spent months investigating the crimes that occurred at the festival.

New York City Music Festival

The Electric Zoo festival is one of the top musical festivals in the world. Located in New York, the concert brings a large number of people and an even larger amount of money to the region every year. During the 2013 festival, at least two people died from drug complications, which led to the event organizers hoping to change things for 2014. The organizers hired more security guards and trained those guards on how to spot drug use and how to check festival goers for drugs before entering the event.

Not Just Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can affect the human body in a number of different ways. While some substances make people feel more relaxed and even euphoric, other drugs can leave users feeling frustrated, angry and willing to take out their aggression on others. Here at Citadel Security Agency, we know that the issues event organizers face go well beyond drugs and alcohol. The number of guests at your event, the size of the venue and even the people who set up and sell merchandise can all cause security breaches and incidents. Let us reduce your risk of injury and other security problems.

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As the leader in NYC event security, we know that incidents can occur at any moment. No matter how well prepared you are, you cannot control what others do at your event. We go through a long training process with each of our workers that prepares them on how to handle different situations and what to do in an emergency. We will also work with your beforehand to go over the type of incidents that might occur and to help you choose the products and services needed for your event. Call us at (212) 509-5570 or fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our managers.