New York City Permit Acquisition for Events

Nowadays, seemingly every event in every major city down to the smallest community gathering needs at least one permit to operate legally. New York City permits are required for events ranging from a Presidential Parade to a relatively small gathering outside. New York City permit acquisition is of course, no exception to these stringent rules and regulations.

As is clearly evident, just about every facet of any event or function held in New York City will need at least one permit to make that part of the operation legal. New York City permits for each of these phases don’t come in “one size fits all” criteria. There are a great many variables to take into consideration when applying for permits. A mere few factors to consider include: structures to be used; specific locations of the event; the number of participants expected; entertainment to be performed; food and beverage considerations; and many more.

Attain Your New York City Permits Prior To Your Event

It is incumbent upon any event planner to obtain all necessary documentation for legal New York City permit acquisition. The prospects of holding any event larger than a small picnic in the park could be rather daunting. Legal permits are an absolute must. Considerable fines or a complete shutdown of the function altogether, could be the result of not obtaining the correct legal documentation necessary for such gatherings.


Citadel Security is Full-Service: New York City Permit Acquisition Services Include


  • Special Events
  • Street Closures
  • NYPD Sound Permits
  • Canopies or Street Coverage
  • Tents
  • Red Carpets
  • Generator
  • Valet Parking

Legal New York City permit acquisition allows you to successfully throw your event without any worry of it being shut down. At Citadel Security Agency, we offer many other event-planning services, such as:


Special Events Security

Bodyguards- Armed or unarmed security guards, drivers, and escorts, who are retired NYPD and other law enforcement officers, including trained military personnel.

Private Security in NYC


Advanced certification verification processes are implemented by Citadel’s security guards. Citadel Security gets event permits, tracks traffic logistics, works out security designs, and serves as personal escorts and drivers for VIP guests.

Contract an Experienced New York City Event Security Company

We have assisted clients with appropriate New York City permit acquisition and private security for events since 1981. We are one of the leading private security companies in New York City, with a 97% client retention rate. Our high retention rate is a testimonial to the satisfaction our customers enjoy and dependable and first rate service they receive when they partner with Citadel Security for their event logistics.

Citadel Security Agency can help the New York City permit acquisition process easier so that our Clients can focus on the importance of the event itself. We can help you obtain the appropriate permits required for your event giving you the peace of mind needed for a flawless event production execution.


Citadel Security Agency understands what companies and planners face when formulating an event plan. In addition to providing New York event security, we can help assist any individual, group or company, obtain the permits they need to facilitate a smooth and “above-board” operation. Give us a call at (212) 509-5570 or fill out an online contact form to discuss your permit needs.