New York Corporate Security: A Global Issue

The importance of appropriate New York corporate security measures for large companies is now a global issue. It was January 7, 2015 in Paris when two Islamist terrorists with assault weapons broke into the offices of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. This horrific incident left 22 people dead, and 11 others wounded. It’s not known which types of corporate security measures were in place to prevent such an attack, if any. However, it is clear that the corporate building that housed the media company’s staff was ill prepared for such an attack. Safety experts do know that proper safety measures could prevent a similar attack from happening elsewhere.

Security Companies in NYC Can Learn From The Paris Attack of Charlie Hebdo

Oftentimes, appropriate security measures are overlooked by corporations. Corporate managers are usually more focused on operating their business and revenue streams. Since office management personnel are usually not in the business of perceiving threats, they do not know how to prepare for them either. In light of the very unfortunate circumstances involving the Charlie Hebdo massacre, corporations should rethink employee safety and invest in having their security evaluated by trained and experienced professionals. Citadel, an experienced New York corporate security agency, is able to carefully examine a company’s current New York corporate security needs. They will be able to identify potential security threats and provide real solutions. An experienced security company can complete a risk assessment of the company’s facilities and provide thorough recommendations. Security companies in NYC specialize in the nuances associated with safe keeping in this congested city.

New York Corporate Security at Events & Parties

At least a couple of times a year large companies host events for staff members and/or the public. This can be a serious security challenge. It’s important that New York corporate security experts have an opportunity to evaluate the venue prior to the event. They will be able to identify potential security risks and know how to eliminate them. During the event, these experts will know how to monitor those who are in attendance. Checking identification and tickets is essential. This will help prevent any trespassing or theft. Experienced security companies in NYC understand that it’s better to be safe than sorry and are keen to what is required in order to keep an event safe.


Nobody likes to think they need protection from a bodyguard but in the corporate world of today, it’s a real possibility. Many times employees are required to transport something of tremendous value. Worldwide, executives and other top-level management have received personal threats. Most professional bodyguards are former police officers or some other type of law enforcement. Many are former military personnel who have had special training during their career. These New York corporate security professionals know how to immediately identify a threat and address it.


Recently, there have been a number of stories in the news of employees or past employees shooting people at their workplace. It’s a reality people in business must face. In this situation, it’s important to use trained security experts who know how to work with local law enforcement and a company’s legal team.

Citadel Security Agency Keeps You Safe

This is a company of trained security experts with military and local law enforcement experience. They are able to provide professional New York corporate security on a day to day basis as well as for special events. The Citadel Agency is one of the top security companies in NYC. Call us at (212) 509-5570 or contact us online for an evaluation today.