Why VIP Personal Protection Is So Important in NYC

Our discrete VIP security teams will keep you safe and secure in NYC

Because New York City is a premier destination for high-powered CEOs and famous celebrities, personal protection is more important here than in many other places around the world. NYC is home to many prominent domestic and international corporations and also home to powerful and famous people from many different sectors and industries.

These are some of the many examples of why personal protection in NYC is so necessary.

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New York Corporate Security: A Global Issue

The importance of appropriate New York corporate security measures for large companies is now a global issue. It was January 7, 2015 in Paris when two Islamist terrorists with assault weapons broke into the offices of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. This horrific incident left 22 people dead, and 11 others wounded. It’s not known which types of corporate security measures were in place to prevent such an attack, if any. However, it is clear that the corporate building that housed the media company’s staff was ill prepared for such an attack. Safety experts do know that proper safety measures could prevent a similar attack from happening elsewhere. Continue Reading »

NYC Corporate Security: Keeping Your Company Safe

You rely on professionals for other areas of your business to succeed. Don’t leave your security to anything less than a professional NYC corporate security service. It only takes one incident to create a big problem for your company. Protect your business and investment with an experienced security team.

Every Business Needs Security

You may naturally think of banks and retail stores as the primary businesses in need of security. The reality is that every business has assets it needs to protect. Security at your front door can screen people entering and exiting your building preventing the theft of corporate data and files. Security escorts for employees to their cars give them a feeling of safety at night.

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