NYC Corporate Security: Keeping Your Company Safe

You rely on professionals for other areas of your business to succeed. Don’t leave your security to anything less than a professional NYC corporate security service. It only takes one incident to create a big problem for your company. Protect your business and investment with an experienced security team.

Every Business Needs Security

You may naturally think of banks and retail stores as the primary businesses in need of security. The reality is that every business has assets it needs to protect. Security at your front door can screen people entering and exiting your building preventing the theft of corporate data and files. Security escorts for employees to their cars give them a feeling of safety at night.

Vehicles and expensive equipment can be tampered with. Products and materials stored outside can be vandalized or stolen. Security after hours when your business is most vulnerable becomes an issue for many companies.

Security and Crime Deterrence

Signs and surveillance cameras help until people get accustomed to them around your building. A uniformed security guard maximizes the crime deterrence aspect and makes people think hard about committing a crime against you. Security personnel are trained to observe and they will notice small changes that indicate a potential threat. They act immediately to situations to diffuse them before they escalate.

Customer Service Focused

A uniformed security professional onsite is often the first face seen by customers and visitors. They become part of your customer service team as they answer questions and direct people to their destinations. Having a friendly, courteous security guard promotes your company’s reputation as a people-focused business.

Trained in Crime Management

If you discovered someone breaking into a storeroom or warehouse, would you know what to do? Do you know what your company’s legal rights are? What are your liabilities? Security guards are trained to know how to handle a criminal situation. When you work with a security firm, you’ll discuss how suspects are to be handled. You may have a choice of armed or unarmed security personnel. This can be an important feature depending on what your business is and the assets that need protection.

Onsite security also becomes your contact with local law enforcement. Trained in the ways of the police force, security personnel know how to communicate with the authorities. This will expedite the management of suspects in a crime and create an extra cushion of security through the police force.

Looking Out for You

When not patrolling your building, security guards can monitor surveillance cameras and track people as they access your building. They can check IDs, inspect backpacks and other bags, admit delivery personnel and check in visitors. There are a number of specific duties that security guards can do for you which may also reduce your need for other personnel.

Hiring the Best NYC Security Available

Crime detection and prevention, customer service and support are key functions you get from onsite security. Hire the best from a company with experienced staff and solid references. Citadel Security Agency has been delivering quality security services in New York since 1981. Their expertise spans private functions to large public gatherings and shows. Their reputation is proven with a 97 percent client retention rate.

Don’t leave the security of your company in the hands of anything less than experienced professionals. Call (212) 509-5570 to speak to an expert New York security guards. Citadel Security Agency has the background to handle all of your security needs.