Park security is essential as the warm months of spring arrive. People flock outdoors to enjoy the weather after a long and unseasonably cold New York City winter. Many of these people will spend much of their time outside enjoying the city’s fabulous parks. While enjoying the outdoors in city parks may sound like fun, it can also be dangerous. To help protect yourself, follow this guide for enjoying optimal park security and recreational activities in the city.

Park Security: Tips For Safe Outings in NYC Parks

Use the Parks During the Day

The number one park security tip you can use is to stay out of NYC parks when the sun goes down. Criminals love to operate under the cover of darkness, and they love to prey on people who may not be paying attention to their surroundings in the parks after dark. In addition, people who are in the parks after the sun goes down will also have to deal with the drunks and other substance abusers who come out at night to abuse drugs or alcohol. Besides helping to keep you safe, you will enjoy the beauty of the parks much more when you see them in the daylight. Crime in NYC parks can happen at all hours of the day, including during daylight hours, however statistics show that crime is concentrated during nighttime hours.

Don’t Advertise Expensive Items

Walking around the park showcasing higher-priced items is not a good practice. In addition, while it may be tempting to use an expensive camera for picture-taking in the park, it may also be an invitation for potential thieves. Counting your cash in public while you are in the parks or anywhere else in the city is also not a good practice. Muggings are a problem in the city so eschewing from any public disclosure of high-priced items is a must.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The first rule of safety in any situation is to be aware of your surroundings. While it can be tempting to lose yourself in the beauty of the city’s parks, you need to keep an eye on your surroundings at the same time. If you see someone or something that is making you uncomfortable, make sure to head to a more crowded area. Keep in mind that there is safety in numbers. Heading off to a secluded area of the park can make you an inviting target.

Don’t Leave Your Belongings Unattended

You never want to leave your possessions unguarded when you are in the park. First, they may get stolen. People in New York city are always on the lookout for any unguarded bags especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You don’t want to leave your bag unattended for a few minutes only to come back to find a squad of cops around it.

Don’t Engage With Hustlers Selling Counterfeit Goods

Don’t fall victim to the hustlers of illegal counterfeit or stolen goods. If someone is trying to sell you something, it is likely either fake or stolen. Either way, you don’t want to get involved.

Look out for Natural Safety Hazards

People tend to overlook the natural hazards that exist in the park. You don’t want to get a sunburn while you are enjoying a day in the park. Always wear sunblock. Also, make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially during the hot and humid months of July and August. You should wear insect repellent to keep the bugs off. When you shower after visiting the park, make sure you check yourself for ticks as they are a regular occurrence in the wooded areas of the Northeast.

Park Security Services

Park security services are available to help keep park patrons safe. The Citadel Security Agency has extensive industry experience in the business of safeguarding you and your valuables. In addition to providing you with safe park security tips, the park security services provided by a top-notch team of licensed and certified security guards can promise the attention to detail that you can trust. Call us at (212) 509-5570 or contact us online to learn about how we can make your spring/summer season more enjoyable.