Park Security Is Essential As Spring Arrives in New York City

Park security is essential as the warm months of spring arrive. People flock outdoors to enjoy the weather after a long and unseasonably cold New York City winter. Many of these people will spend much of their time outside enjoying the city’s fabulous parks. While enjoying the outdoors in city parks may sound like fun, it can also be dangerous. To help protect yourself, follow this guide for enjoying optimal park security and recreational activities in the city. Continue Reading »

Parks in New York need Security

Putting on an event inside of one of the local parks in the area is a difficult task, as it is rather wide open, which means just about anyone is able to walk onto the premises and join in on the festivities. This is fine if the event is open to the public, but chances are, when putting on an event, the individual or company probably want only a select number of invited guests enjoying the event taking place. This is why park security in Manhattan is so important. With park security in Manhattan, it is possible to block off the entire event, prevent uninvited guests from entering and ensure the entire grounds for the festivities is safe and secure at all times. When a company in the New York area is looking for such professional services, they typically turn to the Citadel. The Citadel has been owned and operated out of New York since 1981, started in part by a NYPD detective and retired sergeant, in hopes to provide the very best personal security available in not only the area, but the entire world. Continue Reading »