The Unique Security Concerns of Pop Up Events in NYC

Security is immensely important for any company that wants to safeguard their customers or guests and ensure that order is maintained at an event. Increasingly, “pop-up” events are becoming popular for organizations that want to have impromptu events, often held at a retail store launch or other type of impermanent venue. To keep these events secure, a business must hire a New York top quality security agency that they can count on for attentive, efficient security.

With Citadel Security Agency, event planners can have confidence that they are working with guards that can deter vandalism and trespassing, and verify identification to keep your space protected at all times.

Pop up Event Security in New York

Pop up event security requires a unique type of protection because of the nature of these events. Many pop up events are hosted with temporary furnishings such as removable bleachers or canopies that can be packed up and moved after the event is over. Word about these pop up events is often spread through social media, meaning they can draw a large crowd rapidly. Crowds at pop up events may not be as strictly regulated as the attendees of traditional events that involve an RSVP system.This is where Citadel Security Agency can help any organization protect its pop up event.

Citadel can provide pop up event security by patrolling and surveying a venue, reviewing sales slips or receipts, and helping to direct the flow of foot and vehicle traffic. These services are extremely valuable to keep things calm and inspire peace of mind in all of those that attend any type of pop up event, no matter when or where it is held.

Contact Citadel Security Agency in NYC

Citadel Security Agency staffs professionals that have the expertise to assist clients in a variety of ways. Many of the guards on staff at Citadel are former military specialists or law enforcement officers, giving them the knowledge and skills that can only be obtained from field experience.

Any company hosting a pop up event in the near future should allow the certified, high caliber guards at Citadel to offer top notch pop up event security as they have for many other well-known clients around the New York area. Contact New York’s Citadel Security Agency at (212) 509-5570.