Prevent Retail Thefts by Partnering With Skilled Security Consultants in NYC

Retail establishments can thwart thefts by partnering with highly skilled security consultants. An impartial, professional review of the store’s existing theft control procedures sometimes reveals weaknesses in existing security protocols.

Additionally, asking an industry security consultant to develop contingency plans to address loopholes uncovered during an independent review helps toughen the retailer’s security profile, making the store far less likely to become a victim of criminal activity in the future. The finest security guard NYC has to offer is one that is knowledgeable on appropriate protocols and preferably comes with a professional policing background such as the Citadel Security Agency.

Unfortunate Circumstance

Just consider a recent case which made news headlines early in July, 2015. It exemplifies the brazen nature of some retail thefts.

The news reported on a high-profile case which involved a Wal-Mart in Bristow, Oklahoma where a stealthy thief who walked into the store dressed in clothes that somewhat resembled a security guard’s uniform shortly before a scheduled cash pick-up.

The intruder did not display the visible logo worn by Loomis guards or the traditional bullet proof vest. Instead, the Wal-Mart thief wore a weight lifting vest that looks similar to the branded one armed Loomis security guards usually wear. Nevertheless, his attire evidently enabled him to deceive store managers. In the store’s cash office, the poseur signed for some $75,000. Then he placed the money in a black bag and carried it from the building. Outside, he reportedly sped off in an automobile and not in the customary Loomis armored truck.

The store only discovered that a robbery had occurred when the real armored car guards arrived to collect the money 22 minutes later. By then, the thief had disappeared with the retailer’s proceeds. Following an investigation, the authorities in Oklahoma arrested the store manager and his step daughter, and charged them with conspiracy to embezzle and embezzlement. A third, unnamed conspirator, remains at large. The step daughter was alleged to have driven the getaway vehicle.

Preventing Retail Thefts

Skilled security consultants assist retail stores in preventing thefts and other crimes. They frequently draw upon investigative experience gained from years of service in police departments and other law enforcement or military investigative agencies. These companies may assist stores by identifying weaknesses in the retailer’s security processes and developing comprehensive plans to thwart crime.

For example, their recommendations may include:

  • Instituting better background checks before hiring employees;
  • Implementing procedures to monitor for embezzlement;
  • Recommending better internal inventory controls
  • Beefing up loss prevention surveillance;
  • Hiring uniformed or undercover security guards;
  • Tightening building and parking lot security;
  • Other steps to enhance public safety and prevent crime.
  • The Advantages of Using Highly Trained Security Experts

Retailers gain distinct advantages by retaining the services of highly trained security experts as independent consultants. These include obtaining an impartial evaluation of the store’s existing security protocols and procedures. An evaluation by outsiders often allows a more comprehensive and unbiased review of the effectiveness of anti-theft measures. Since they do not answer directly to an individual store’s management, expert security consultants usually assess existing security issues more objectively than the retailer’s employees.

Additionally, many retail security consultants possess extensive prior experience investigating thefts. They may comprehend the most vulnerable areas in a retail store’s security framework and appreciate the best ways to counter potential problems.

For all these reasons, asking a skilled independent security consultant to develop plans to implement effective retail security measures can help prevent crime. This step offers greater peace of mind and may reduce company liability.

Security Guard NYC: Safeguarding Your Investments

Partnering with the most skilled security guard NYC has to offer will help keep theft costs down at your retail establishment. The Citadel Security Agency has been one of the leading private security constants for over 30 years. Contact or call us today to discuss how we can safe guard your investments at (212) 509-5570.