Prevent Retail Thefts by Partnering With Skilled Security Consultants in NYC

Retail establishments can thwart thefts by partnering with highly skilled security consultants. An impartial, professional review of the store’s existing theft control procedures sometimes reveals weaknesses in existing security protocols.

Additionally, asking an industry security consultant to develop contingency plans to address loopholes uncovered during an independent review helps toughen the retailer’s security profile, making the store far less likely to become a victim of criminal activity in the future. The finest security guard NYC has to offer is one that is knowledgeable on appropriate protocols and preferably comes with a professional policing background such as the Citadel Security Agency. Continue Reading »

Keep Peace of Mind with NYC Security Services

Whether you are planning to host a large outdoor event in New York City or if you are in charge of managing a conference or business meeting, consider the option of utilizing professional security services. Using NYC security services offers a number of benefits regardless of the type of conference, event or gathering you are hosting along with the time and date you are planning to do so officially.

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Hire an Experienced Private Security Company

Large crowds are generally formed at popular events in New York City. Whether attending a fashion-oriented event or a concert performance, consumers want to feel safe. Hiring an experienced private security company could enable participants to have a pleasurable experience.

Keeping Guests Safe

Professional trained security officers can reinforce a variety of policies at a major event. Unruly patrons may be asked to calm down or to refrain from certain actions. In a disruptive setting, a security officer might instruct certain patrons to leave an event. Guests who feel unsafe may spread negative reviews about a particular event. Keeping guests safe could help boost the attendance numbers for future events.

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Does Your Next NYC Summer Event Need Security?

If you are planning on having an event in NYC, the chances are that you will need an experienced event security firm. At Citadel we have decades of experience in handling multitudinous forms of security including summer event security. In fact, we work with some of the most noted names in entertainment and fashion. Since 1993, we have handled the security responsibilities for the NYC Fashion Week event — providing entrance security as well as runway security. We can also help you with your summer event security in NYC.

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Reasons to Hire a NYC Bodyguard

When one thinks of bodyguards, they might question if they need one or if they are the type of person who should look into getting one. However, if you are even considering getting a bodyguard, chances are it is something you should be taking seriously. Hiring professionally trained New York bodyguards whether it is for carrying valuables or just personal security it will keep your mind at ease knowing you are in secure hands. With a company that has the reputation such as Citadel Security Agency, you know you are getting the best possible service for any and all security or bodyguard needs.

That is why, more and more, people are looking into bodyguards when they are having a big event or if they need protection in day to day life. It gives everyone at the event tremendous peace of mind, knowing that they are protected and can simply sit back and relax. Worry is such a waste of time and it causes unnecessary and unwanted anxiety. By hiring private security, worry can be completely removed from our lives. You will finally feel that sense of security and that sense of relaxation. It is important to take this sort of thing seriously and not overlook your safety and protection.

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