Realizing your security with security guard company in NYC

While it may not be the actual center of the universe, NYC is an important place filled with events seen worldwide. These events are filled with VIPs, celebrities, important government officials and the like. All of this can attract the worst sort of elements who always are attracted to opportunity. If your company is hosting such an event, it is critical to go with the NYC security guard company the Big Apple has come to trust: Citadel Security Agency.

The Full Package

Most people tend to think of security guards as simple roving guards who keep tabs on things and deter criminals by their presence. While this may be true of smaller companies, the trained professionals at Citadel Security offer more than just a uniform on patrol. Our security personnel can:

Provide a pre-event site security evaluation

  • Provide on-site medical attention prior to EMT arrival
  • Credential guest to prevent gate crashers
  • Direct traffic and crowd control
  • Help acquire the needed permits for the event.
  • Provide VIP/Dignitary advancement teams

All of this on top of 24 hour interior/exterior surveillance and patrol. At Citadel Security, we understand patrolling the event is only one part of the security equation.

Event Security

Any gathering of people has safety/security issues the host needs to take into consideration for the liability issues involved. Even something as benign as a school event can be marred by a child being snatched by a parent refused custody. So whether your company is hosting a world-class trade show or you have a visiting VIP who needs security, Citadel Security is the NYC security guard company with the people and a plan to meet your security service needs.

A Proven Record

Since 1981, Citadel Security has been turned to again and is also the one national and international companies trust as well. From Disney to Mercedes, top companies know they can trust their people/facilities to Citadel Security. While every company touts its record, Citadel Security has made plenty of headlines which showcase our professionalism and record of success. If you are having an event, shouldn’t you go with the best NYC security guard company?

Get the Facts!

Every event has different and unique security challenges. Many of these challenges are easy to miss if one is not trained in risk analysis. Don’t let your customers/clients safety and security be compromised. Call Citadel Security today at (212) 509-5570 or send us an email with your info/questions as to how they can help protect your business and clients.