Lessons Learned from the Security Breach on the Brooklyn Bridge

All types of security services in New York City need to be on top of their game. The reality is that in NYC even the most seemingly secure locations, like the iconic Brooklyn Bridge can be targeted by individual’s intent on penetrating that security.

White Flags Fly on the Brooklyn Bridge Towers

Recently, a group of infiltrators slipped through security at the Brooklyn Bridge, managed to scale to the top of the towers on the structure and remove the prominently displayed American flags. In place of national standards, the people who managed to get through security, hoisted white flags.

The white flags raised over the Brooklyn Bridge are unique in their own right. They are not merely plain pieces of white cloth. Rather, they actually appear to be traditional U.S. flags with the red and white bleached away. Those involved in protecting the Brooklyn Bridge concede that they do not know whether the incident was the work of pranksters, artists, someone trying to make a political statement or something more sinister.

The incident was caught on security tape, showing four or five people involved in the caper. They seemed to be working in teams of two people to breach the bridge, scale the towers and raise the white flags. The event has been described as one of the most stunning security breaches in the history of the Big Apple. Thus far, law enforcement and investigatory personnel evidently have not been able to identify the culprits.

Detailed Pre-Operational Planning

In reviewing the incident, law enforcement personnel and security professionals universally agree that a tremendous amount of pre-operational planning took place in advance of the incident. The crew that breached the bridge’s parameter during the night came with lasagna pans that fit perfectly over the lights that illuminate the towers. In addition, they appeared to have all of the other equipment necessary to affect their objective of raising the white flags.

Protecting and Securing an Event of Party

People planning an event or party need to appreciate the importance of a well-trained and experienced NYC security guard services. An example of such a qualified, reputable security service is the Citadel Security Agency. In the final analysis, if the high-level security at the Brooklyn Bridge can be breached in the manner of the white flag intruders, truly skilled security personnel are a must at other events and locations if optimal protection is desired.

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