Security Companies in NYC Can Help Curb Violent Crimes at Bars & Other Social Gatherings

Statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) illustrate a disturbing trend of violence being experienced by people who are between 18-30 years old. Approximately 40 percent of individuals experiencing this violence lie in the said age category. In other words, the majority of victims of violent crimes tend to be on the younger side of adulthood. Of these cases, only half of violent occurrences are reported to the police, making the remaining half become a case of unreported crimes to victims. Research shows intoxicated people are highly aggressive as compared to their counterparts who are sober. This brings to light the linkage between incidents of aggression and drinking in homes and bars, especially for younger subsets of the population.

Men are more likely to be victims of bar violence and are also more likely to get drunk and aggressive than their female counterparts. Out of the general population, people who reported experiencing violence or aggression in social settings, 30 percent are reported to be men. These incidences occur in or around bars where alcohol is free flowing and ample security may not be readily available to control unruly participants or their alcoholic intake. The research indicates that although alcohol consumption does play a role in aggression at bars, it is not the direct cause of altercations. For example, participants in the study who initiated or fell victim to a violent event had not consumed more alcohol at the time than participants reporting only threatening events that did not result in violence. Researchers conclude that the effects of intoxication on decision making make a bad situation worse rather than be the sole culprit of violent aggressive behavior.

Security Companies in NYC

These damning statistics point to the fact that bars and other social places are more likely to be places where violent crimes can easily materialize due to the presence of alcohol, especially if the scene is not properly controlled. Reputable security companies in New York City can be utilized when trying to curb cases of violence and crime in bars and clubs around the city. Club owners can partner with one of the top security companies NYC has to offer, Citadel Security Agency. Citadel Security has a 97% Client retention rate and has been around for over 30 years by providing second to none private security services for the most discerning clientele. Contact or call us today at (212) 509-5570. Our security experts are able to address any questions that you have.

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