Sometimes we save lives.

July 12, 2012

Dear Ty and David –

Years ago, Ty, I used to hire Citadel for all of the big fashion shows and events I did in NYC. Before Lincoln Center, even before 7th on 6th, you were always our go-to. You were always there, I could always count on you. Your guys knew the regular crashers and could spot the new ones, you could make an outdoor coat check secure right on Fifth Avenue, you were always present yet never noticeable to our guests, and you got us out of some jams.

Over the years I left the fashion business and have only had an occasional need for event security, but when I did I always called on Citadel. Last night was such a night, when I ran a party at a designer show house and the sponsor of the house, ELLE Décor, required security be hired for the event. I was so happy to learn their choice was, of course, Citadel. Mine, too.

It was a small, intimate dinner party of 30 people in a townhouse on a quiet residential block, no big deal compared to a giant fashion show or charity event, no red carpet, no celebrities, I was expecting a very calm night. First, your team flawlessly and with typical Citadel finesse rid us of two crashers without any guests knowing a thing. Then, one of your team literally saved the life of one of my guests, a gentleman who was choking. One of the hosts and a nurse who happened to be on site both tried unsuccessfully to relieve the guest’s distress, until your man Mike correctly and quickly performed the heimlich maneuver.  When the gentleman was taken to the hospital a few minutes later, emergency room doctors said his test results showed he’d likely been just seconds from death. Today he is resting comfortably and is very, very grateful.

I wanted to share his note of thanks with you and hope you will pass it along to Mike along with the thanks of all of the party hosts, guests and sponsors. It is no small thing saving a human life, and while for your team it may seem part of the work, I can name 30 people who felt pretty strongly last night that it was miraculous.

Many thanks, for last night and several dozen nights over the years when things that might have dreadfully gone wrong did not, because you were there.  Here’s what my guest wrote to me today:

I wanted to write a note of thanks to you and to every other wonderful person at your party last night — my mishap was an unfortunate and, frankly, quite embarrassing incident, but the authentic concern from you and all your guests helped me through a fairly traumatic event.  I feel terrible about ruining an otherwise lovely party (and before I even had a chance to talk to everybody!), but I hope that seeing how everybody came together to help a stranger in need (4 ambulances were called!!) inspired everyone with the basic goodness of our collective humanity.  The outpouring of concern and support and help was truly inspiring. I’m home and resting but otherwise in fine condition. I don’t know how I can thank you and your cohosts and guests enough, but please know that I owe everyone at that dinner my gratitude. And my life.

Please pass this note on to anyone who may be interested… I don’t have contact information but do want everyone to know my heartfelt thanks. There’s nothing else to say except just thank you, thank you, thank you.


All best, Jan

Jan MacLatchie

Brand Strategist