Terror attacks are a frightening potential reality for everyone. Incidents like the San Bernardino attack and the devastation in Paris in November have highlighted the need for everyone to be on alert to help prevent future incidents. There are no communities that can afford to ignore the risk because they believe nothing will happen in their locales. Residents of major metropolitan areas, like NYC, must be even more vigilant. All business owners, church, and place of worship officials and event organizers must be prepared and have a proactive approach to security protocol because it is their responsibility to keep their customers, citizens and employees safe.

Most businesses have relied on security cameras as their main source of protection. Video does make it easy to identify and convict thieves and vandals. Having the cameras in view will deter some criminals. Unfortunately people intent on committing terrorist attacks are not concerned with being seen; in fact, they enjoy having the publicity and making it possible for the world to know who they are. During these trying times, and especially in targeted cities such as New York City, camera surveillance is not a real security measure. It provides a false sense of security.
The first step toward more robust security measures is for any organization is to make certain all employees are prepared for an emergency scenario.

Common Sense Security Measures:

  • Be aware of where emergency exits are, or have a safe room where you can lock yourself in potentially.
  • Immediately report suspicious people or untended packages to whoever is in charge or notify the police.
  • Identify a safe meeting location where you can regroup if your building/community experiences a terrorist emergency.

Unfortunately, escape plans, security cameras, and even audible alarms are no longer enough to stop mass shootings or someone intent of causing chaos and destruction. The best line of defense is having easily visible security guards. These are specially trained individuals who know the signs of suspicious behavior, can cover entry and exit points to prevent unwelcome visitors and patrol events, malls or any commercial site for any concerning activity. Uniformed guards are available, as are undercover police officers. All of these security professionals are hired for their knowledge of defensive tactics and the ability to respond to a situation quickly.

NYC Security Companies: How They Help Keep Communities Safe

Experienced NYC security companies understand that risks increase when groups of people congregate for any purpose. This especially holds true during the Holidays when crowds gather at New York City holiday staples such as the Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony, the holiday window shops lining 5th Avenue, the theater district, etc. Experienced NYC security companies are able to review and assess the property in order to develop the best plan for providing the ultimate protection for their clients. While they are not intended to replace the basic/common sense security tactics like surveillance cameras, passkey-protected areas and metal detectors; they are an additional line of defense that will work along with these processes to make every area as safe as possible. This type of multilevel approach to New York City security measures is the most likely to be successful in preventing a terrorist type emergency.

Being proactive and preventing an incident, as opposed to wondering what to do afterward, is something that everyone needs to be prepared to do. Security guards matter. The Paris attacks showed this fact clearly. The majority of the deaths on that fateful night were at an unprotected concert hall, while countless other lives were saved because guards prevented the suicide bombers from entering the sporting arena.

Our Security Consultants Provide the Following:

  • Written evaluation of your existing security services and action steps for improvement
  • Full Risk assessment and analysis of your facility
  • Emergency prep and subsequent contingency plans
  • And Much More

Contact our experienced security consultants today at 212-509-5570. If you are concerned that your place of business or place of worship where communities congregate may not have a solid anti-terrorist plan in place contact our New York City experienced security consultants today.