Security Companies in NYC Can Help Curb Violent Crimes at Bars & Other Social Gatherings

Statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) illustrate a disturbing trend of violence being experienced by people who are between 18-30 years old. Approximately 40 percent of individuals experiencing this violence lie in the said age category. In other words, the majority of victims of violent crimes tend to be on the younger side of adulthood. Of these cases, only half of violent occurrences are reported to the police, making the remaining half become a case of unreported crimes to victims. Research shows intoxicated people are highly aggressive as compared to their counterparts who are sober. This brings to light the linkage between incidents of aggression and drinking in homes and bars, especially for younger subsets of the population. Continue Reading »

Ample Safety Measures by NYC Security Guard Companies Could Have Thwarted Concert Chaos

Implementing ample safety measures provided by respectable NYC security guard companies could have potentially thwarted a concert turned chaotic a few weeks ago. Despite having their evening ruined by a small riot, several police officers and ticketed concert-goers remained philosophical about the notion that the Summer Jam concert ended with several ticketed concert-goers not being allowed to enter the stadium.
Yet for the average person, hearing about armored vehicles being deployed and metal fences being ripped down while bottles were thrown at police officers that were deployed to keep things calm probably caused them to realize that the problem may have been how security was organized for the event. Continue Reading »

NYC Event Security Guard Companies for the City That Never Sleeps

During the first few months of 2015, New York City experienced crime increases not seen since the turbulent ’80s and early ’90s. While popular opinion has largely been persuaded that the city had since abandoned its infamously violent early days, new statistics indicate an increase in crime that rivals some of the citys’ worst years, highlighting a need for private security solutions that can help quell the trend.

By the end of February, the city clocked a marked increase in shootings and murders; there have already been 149 shootings recorded in 2015, a 20% increase over last year, and the murder rate has seen an equivalent rise. While the majority of violent events have occurred in only about five of the NYPD’s 77 precincts, residents and business owners have been taking notice of the renewed criminal presence on the streets and are looking to overwhelmed municipal services to turn things around. Continue Reading »

New York City Permit Acquisition for Events

Nowadays, seemingly every event in every major city down to the smallest community gathering needs at least one permit to operate legally. New York City permits are required for events ranging from a Presidential Parade to a relatively small gathering outside. New York City permit acquisition is of course, no exception to these stringent rules and regulations.

As is clearly evident, just about every facet of any event or function held in New York City will need at least one permit to make that part of the operation legal. New York City permits for each of these phases don’t come in “one size fits all” criteria. There are a great many variables to take into consideration when applying for permits. A mere few factors to consider include: structures to be used; specific locations of the event; the number of participants expected; entertainment to be performed; food and beverage considerations; and many more. Continue Reading »

Things You Need to Know Before Attending NYC Marathon

Since 1970, the New York City Marathon has been one of the most-covered events of the year. Over 50,000 people finished the marathon in 2013, and the crowd is expected to be just as large this year.

However, providing security for such an event can be problematic. Given recent events in New York City and in Ottawa, Canada, police and security personnel need to be very strict in what can and cannot be brought into the race areas. Those areas that the participants’ bags and items that will be inspected by NYRR, NYPD and special event security at NYC Marathon include the grandstand seating in Central Park, TCS New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, Marathon Eve Dinner, and the Blue Line Lounge.

To ensure the race experience is a pleasant one, keep these guidelines in mind:

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