NYC Event Security Guard Companies for the City That Never Sleeps

During the first few months of 2015, New York City experienced crime increases not seen since the turbulent ’80s and early ’90s. While popular opinion has largely been persuaded that the city had since abandoned its infamously violent early days, new statistics indicate an increase in crime that rivals some of the citys’ worst years, highlighting a need for private security solutions that can help quell the trend.

By the end of February, the city clocked a marked increase in shootings and murders; there have already been 149 shootings recorded in 2015, a 20% increase over last year, and the murder rate has seen an equivalent rise. While the majority of violent events have occurred in only about five of the NYPD’s 77 precincts, residents and business owners have been taking notice of the renewed criminal presence on the streets and are looking to overwhelmed municipal services to turn things around.

NYC Security Guard Companies: What to Expect During Events

New York’s regular hosting of high profile events, such as February’s NBA All Star Game and Fashion Week, has greatly increased the demand on NYC security guard companies and government officials to keep the city secure.

The previous three host cities for the All Star Weekend, New Orleans, Orlando, and Houston, each saw a spike in criminal activity, notably counterfeiting, prostitution, and assault. Many of the recorded instances of these violations indicate a proximate radius to the events themselves; however, criminal organizations are keenly aware that such occasions present ample opportunity to operate freely in any area. For these reasons, NYC security guard companies are essential in maintain a safe environment during this chaotic time.

During February’s All Star Weekend, the NYPD was joined by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, as well as numerous event security companies. The latter’s involvement has proven to be a crucial and welcome element in keeping crime under control: “It’s one team, one fight”, said FBI Assistant Director, Diego Rodriguez.

Event Security Companies Support NYPD Officials

Utilized by NBA players and business owners alike, event security companies are a crucial component of effective security at headlining events—a fact that has not gone unnoticed and whose consequent demand has been met with increasing activity in the industry.For every instance of crime that occurred over the weekend, there were many more that were thwarted by the presence of private security organizations.

Since 2010, event security companies have amplified their market share—an increase that correlates with the growing concerns over terrorist threats and the loosening of government control over rising crime waves due to widespread layoffs and cutbacks. Studies indicate that, since 2010, the NYC security guard companies service industry has created a $350 billion dollar market that is expected to expand by 20% by 2020. The majority of this growth seems to stem from the increased effectiveness of event security companies.

Increased demands on municipal and federal police is one main factor, but the growing demand for private security is also rooted in a preventative approach to crime control.

Major cities with high population densities tend to attract high-level events on a regular basis, and projections indicate that as populations continue to increase, so will the crime statistics. Both the threat and the demand are very real, and for those business owners who have experienced losses due to counterfeiting, or decrease in business activity due to nearby prostitution or assaults, are taking action to protect their investments.

Increasing criminal activity, even in areas that have previously been deemed safe, highlights the essential role of the private sector when it comes to crime control. The enhanced presence provided by private security companies is a growing necessity in the modern world, where threats can come in many forms, and can cause irrecoverable loss for businesses or individuals.

NYC Security Guard Companies: Keeping You Safe

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