Keep Your Business Safe with Seasoned Security Guards

New York can be a dangerous city, with one of the higher crime rates in the United States. With that kind of an environment, security is an important consideration for businesses and corporations looking to protect their buildings. Citadel Security Agency in New York employs security guards who are highly trained and available for a wide range of security, from park security to bodyguards, graduation security, consulting, or security for any special events.

Citadel Security Agency is one of the leading private security companies in New York City, and has been for the past thirty years. Citadel was founded by a retired NYPD Detective and Sergeant who know the needs of businesses, events, organizations, and even private citizens.

All of our New York corporate office security guards are licensed and certified, with a lot of expertise: from retired NYPD employees to military specialists, we can provide a seasoned professional to fit any need. The presence of security guards can not only deter crimes like vandalism, theft, and trespassing from happening, but we also watch entrances and exits to secure them. We also provide an extra layer of security for verifying identification of visitors.

If you have a large event that needs a lot of planning, Citadel can also assist you in some aspects of setting things up, most notably in acquiring the legal permits for things like tents, red carpets, street closures, valet parking, steel barricades, sound, and special events permits.

Contact one of the leading Security Companies in NYC

Citadel Security Agency has served its clients faithfully, including VH1, Canon, Disney, New York Comic-Con, MTV, and the New York Fashion Week runways. We have a 97% client retention rate, cementing their place as a reliable favorite for big events around New York.

When there’s a big, public event, you need things to go smoothly, both for the safety of those attending the event and for the image of your company or organization. To ensure that everything goes well, contact Citadel Security Agency to discuss special even security. Call Citadel at (212) 509-5570.