Providing the Event Security in New York

Event Security in New York

Do you know anyone organizing any important event in New York which they  really need to implement successfully? Security should be among the top items on his list. They need to choose the best security provider from the many New York Event Security providers for the event who has experience and has the training required. It would create a bad impression for him to take all the months or days planning for an event only for it to flop because of poor security. The provider he chooses should be able to provide best security before the event, during the event and after the event. Continue Reading »

Security guaranteed at the NYC Trade fair

The New York City (NYC) trade fair is attended by very many people around the world, consisting of manufacturers who come to showcase wares and buyers who come to purchase the wares. NYC trade show security is of paramount importance because of the many people coming together in one place.

Why prioritize security at the NYC trade fair?

A large crowd means a successful show, but poor crowd management may lead to injury or even death. Moreover, it may lead to losses and bad publicity. Event security is therefore vital. Continue Reading »

Yay, Citadel!

You’re staff is incredible. Every single one you have sent over have been amazing and just very helpful. Let me know if I need to write a testimony. I swear by you guys now.

Thank you!

Jodine Dorce Senior Program Manager Euro RSCG

Citadel – providing a higher class, more refined security guard

Hi David,
Kate and Matt’s professionalism and adaptability exceeded my expectations. They were equally flexible to the slight changes in my event, surrounding the privacy and guarding the secrecy of our vehicles. Their professional presence added elegance to my event. If Kate and Matt are indicative of the staff you keep, without a doubt Citadel will be my first choice for my security needs in my future NY events.

kind regards,

Iris Alba
Event Services Specialist
George P. Johnson
Experience Marketing

Citadel talks theater security and preparedness after Colorado shooting.

Aurora shooting highlights theater safety

Published: July 21, 2012 8:46 PM
By KEVIN DEUTSCH  [email protected]

Metal detectors, armed guards and high-tech surveillance in movie theaters could theoretically help deter deadly violence, but the most practical deterrent is for filmgoers and employees to simply be alert, security experts say. Continue Reading »