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July 12, 2012

Dear Ty and David –

Years ago, Ty, I used to hire Citadel for all of the big fashion shows and events I did in NYC. Before Lincoln Center, even before 7th on 6th, you were always our go-to. You were always there, I could always count on you. Your guys knew the regular crashers and could spot the new ones, you could make an outdoor coat check secure right on Fifth Avenue, you were always present yet never noticeable to our guests, and you got us out of some jams. Continue Reading »

New York Security Round-up News

Security News Roundup: April 2012

Welcome to our bi-monthly roundup of special events security, trade show security, and corporate security news.

The Need for Expert Concert Security

One person was hospitalized after being shot at a Young Jeezy show in London, Ontario. Authorities told the press that they were still investigating the circumstances that led to one hospitalization. Shortly after the incident, Sergeant Basra told reporters that police, “responded to a report of a shooting inside the music hall.”  The reported shooting occurred just one night after a shooting at the rapper’s Toronto concert left a man in serious but stable condition. A blogger who attended that concert wrote “One thing that surprised me about getting in was how weak of a search I got and how Sound Academy’s security was so relaxed.” The same writer reported that people in line to get into the show, “joked about the weak pat down.” Continue Reading »

2012 Starting off well

Well here we are approaching February and despite a relatively calm month weather wise we’ve been keeping busy!   Our NYC based security guards are working around the clock to secure the site for the upcoming NYC fashion week and we recently wrapped up security services for the 2012 Winter Antique show at the east side Armory.  We had an incident free event working trade show security for The Children’s Club show at The Javit’s Center and worked in conjunction with the NYPD and Secret Service while President Obama was in town.  We’re excited to welcome several newly hired and trained security guards and two former NYPD officers to our executive protection team in NYC.  Look out for a few more blog posts next month and if you have a chance check out our client testimonials, link is above on the right!

Welcome to Citadel Security

Citadel provides security guards for Special Events, Trade Shows, Schools, Office Buildings, Houses of Worship, Concerts, Hotels, Product Launches, After Parties, Award Shows, and many other small and large venues and productions throughout New York City.  From suit & tie guards to uniform and undercover officers we provide the service that is best fits your needs.  As well as providing security we can help facilitate the success of your event – please explore our different services to see how we can help you Acquire Permits, Credential Guests and Staff, Direct Traffic, Insure On-Site Medical Attention, and more.