How Private Security is Evolving

In the past, when national security didn’t existed in New York or the rest of the United States, the private security sector was responsible for all aspects of crime prevention from investigations and seeking fugitives to protecting the president and serving as night watchmen. The first city police to be established in the country was the NYPD, which resulted in the public sector taking over the above duties. Despite this, the New York private security sector has never become obsolete but has played a constantly changing role that continues to evolve to this day.

Even before the September 11th attacks, the law enforcement acknowledged that police alone were not sufficient to cover all security functions, primarily because they must carry out ever increasing duties while resources stay the same. The police force is now expected to undertake tasks including teaching drug prevention, staffing schools, investigating computer crime, training special response units, and learning to become counter-terrorism specialists. This leaves little time to eliminate crime and ensure the safety of citizens, and personnel are often unable to cope with the influx of calls to their agencies.

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Keep Your Business Safe with Seasoned Security Guards

New York can be a dangerous city, with one of the higher crime rates in the United States. With that kind of an environment, security is an important consideration for businesses and corporations looking to protect their buildings. Citadel Security Agency in New York employs security guards who are highly trained and available for a wide range of security, from park security to bodyguards, graduation security, consulting, or security for any special events.

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New York Security Round-up News

Security News Roundup: April 2012

Welcome to our bi-monthly roundup of special events security, trade show security, and corporate security news.

The Need for Expert Concert Security

One person was hospitalized after being shot at a Young Jeezy show in London, Ontario. Authorities told the press that they were still investigating the circumstances that led to one hospitalization. Shortly after the incident, Sergeant Basra told reporters that police, “responded to a report of a shooting inside the music hall.”  The reported shooting occurred just one night after a shooting at the rapper’s Toronto concert left a man in serious but stable condition. A blogger who attended that concert wrote “One thing that surprised me about getting in was how weak of a search I got and how Sound Academy’s security was so relaxed.” The same writer reported that people in line to get into the show, “joked about the weak pat down.” Continue Reading »