Pope Francis’ New York Visit Reminds Local Businesses About Homeless Security Issues

Underscoring Pope Francis’s visit to New York on September 25, his motorcade through Central Park and mass celebration at The Madison Square Garden Events facility are the city’s proactive measures to clear the area of the seating pods on West 32nd Street. This public area has been used by the homeless to set up campsites and engage in sometimes criminal activities including damage to private and public property, aggressive pan handling, business obstructions and other harassment against area residents and businesses as well as blocking sidewalks, violence and drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading »

Security Companies in NYC Can Help Curb Violent Crimes at Bars & Other Social Gatherings

Statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) illustrate a disturbing trend of violence being experienced by people who are between 18-30 years old. Approximately 40 percent of individuals experiencing this violence lie in the said age category. In other words, the majority of victims of violent crimes tend to be on the younger side of adulthood. Of these cases, only half of violent occurrences are reported to the police, making the remaining half become a case of unreported crimes to victims. Research shows intoxicated people are highly aggressive as compared to their counterparts who are sober. This brings to light the linkage between incidents of aggression and drinking in homes and bars, especially for younger subsets of the population. Continue Reading »

Prevent Retail Thefts by Partnering With Skilled Security Consultants in NYC

Retail establishments can thwart thefts by partnering with highly skilled security consultants. An impartial, professional review of the store’s existing theft control procedures sometimes reveals weaknesses in existing security protocols.

Additionally, asking an industry security consultant to develop contingency plans to address loopholes uncovered during an independent review helps toughen the retailer’s security profile, making the store far less likely to become a victim of criminal activity in the future. The finest security guard NYC has to offer is one that is knowledgeable on appropriate protocols and preferably comes with a professional policing background such as the Citadel Security Agency. Continue Reading »

Ample Safety Measures by NYC Security Guard Companies Could Have Thwarted Concert Chaos

Implementing ample safety measures provided by respectable NYC security guard companies could have potentially thwarted a concert turned chaotic a few weeks ago. Despite having their evening ruined by a small riot, several police officers and ticketed concert-goers remained philosophical about the notion that the Summer Jam concert ended with several ticketed concert-goers not being allowed to enter the stadium.
Yet for the average person, hearing about armored vehicles being deployed and metal fences being ripped down while bottles were thrown at police officers that were deployed to keep things calm probably caused them to realize that the problem may have been how security was organized for the event. Continue Reading »

Inadequate Security May Have Led To Bar Rape

Owning a business that is patronized by customers on a daily basis comes with responsibility for the safety of those customers. The New York City Health Department as well as building codes are strict. Getting a business license feels like jumping through hoops at a circus sometimes, but the mindset behind it is to keep people safe. Maybe there is no ordinance or code that could have protected the victim of a rape in a bathroom at a bar in Gramercy Park in April, but some common sense safety precautions may have prevented it. Continue Reading »